Way Cuter Than A Paper Bag

Those who know me know that I go out for lunch once in a blue moon. I pack my lunch 99.99% of the time and only go out if 1. friends invited me, 2. company's treat, or 3....no, there is no number 3. I consider going out to lunch wasteful and would rather save those dining experiences for when I am traveling.

Anyway, I came upon these cute little bento boxes earlier this week! Aren't they fantastically charming? They would be such an upgrade from the round Pyrex container I currently use. With the bento box, I can separate my rice from my veggies from my meats. :) Maybe even pack dessert at the bottom layer. Oooh. Besides taking it to work, I can also take it on a picnic!

It's selling for $38 - not a bargain item. I will keep my eyes peeled for impostors next time when I shop at Bed Bath and Beyond or someplace similar. Then I will be able to dine in style!


  1. "Dishwasher safe, no microwave. Melamine."

    You see that, NO MICROWAVE. What a load of crap. So how the hell is anyone supposed to heat this stuff up? They thing we all giant steamers in our offices? Bu xing!!!

  2. err...woops. that should be "They think..."

    dui bu qi

    m(-_- )m


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