Justin & Mark, Take One

Animoto is this great slideshow making tool that I found out recently via a photographer's website. I tested it out by uploading some of the pictures I took of Tiffany's adorable babies Justin and Mark at Old Town Alexandria's Founders Park. Here is what I came up with.

I picked the free 30-second slideshow. For $3, you could get it in full-length. Animoto also offers a year subscription where you can make as many slideshows as you want for $30.

Positive: Super easy to use - basically I just uploaded the pictures, uploaded my own music to set the slideshow to, and voila!

Negative: The photos are not as sharp as my originals. Maybe the quality would be better for the full-length?

Regardless, this is an awesome resource to make short clips, I will be using it again!

P.S. Cute boys, huh?


  1. wow..what a great software for doing slideshow, will have my anata to check it out and may be use it for our upcoming weddings!!

  2. I am debating whether or not I should pay the $30 to get unlimited slideshows. Hmmmm.....?

  3. What? Pay? Oh no....We don't PAY for things around here. I'll stand there and wave pictures around by hand before I let you fork out hard earned cash for fluff like this!


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