Spring Planting: New Home

Part I, II, III, and IV

Earlier this week I made a run to Walmart to pick up some gardening supplies. We finally decided to give our basils a bigger place to grow and I needed to buy bigger pots and more potting soil. I bought 4 8-inch deep plastic pots for $0.88 each and 2 bags of soil at $2.50 a bag. Gotta love Walmart!

Farmer Ahbow returned from traveling yesterday and after we finished those delicious burgers, he got to work immediately with the transplants. Since we recently harvested our first real batch of basils, each sprout is just beginning to grow again.

Carefully, Luke took out the sprouts from their original pots, filled the new pots with soil, placed the sprouts in the new pots, covered the roots with additional soil, and watered them. Easy, but a messy job. I was busy taking pictures to really help.

From looking at them today, I think the transplants went without a hitch. Now that they are not crowding one another, I hope this will allow them to grow stronger, bigger, and bushier. Before in the smaller pots, some sprouts weren't getting enough sunlight and never got the chance to grow. I hope the weather stays warm soon so I can put them out on the deck. I am looking forward in eating basils all summer long! Growing my own herbs is so fun.


  1. Hmmm...looks like we're gonna need a few more recipes that require basil. I'm sure we'll have more than we can finish in a week or two. But yeah, we'll be eating basil cake, basil burgers, basil chicken, basil cocktails, basil cake, basil ice-cream....

    Or we can dry them out and make some basil sprinkles. =D

  2. Aw I see you have a green thumb. :) I want a couple plants for my apt, but I just know that they will definitely die. lol


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