The One On Old Town Alexandria

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my girlfriends. We picnicked in a big grassy park with view of the Potomac River - where I also took pictures of Tiffany's kids. We caught up on each other's live over pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, cucumber salad, fruit salad, and my cupcakes (which by the way, except for the melted frosting from the heat, was a crowd pleaser). It was a fun picnic and again, Pargo won the hearts of everyone that passed by.

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures during the picnic (I was too busy gobbling everything down before the kids got their hands in them). However, it was surely lots of fun. The weather was gorgeous! It was a perfect day to be out. I mentioned before that I had wanted to visit the shops of Old Town Alexandria. After cleaning up and sending Tiffany on her way a birthday party (she's a busy gal), with my big camera slung around my neck, the rest of us visited several shops.

I am subtitling the rest of this post to - The One About A Girl Named Fei And A Dog Named Pargo

Paper Source - The mega paper store is all the bloggers on Weddingbee talk about. I finally got a chance to check it out. They have a spectacular selection of fine papers, blank cards (for all your DIY projects), gift wrapping papers, invitations, rubber stamps, and more. It is definitely an upscale store for your paper needs.

Here is Fei and Pargo outside of the store.

Right next to Paper Source is Decorium Gift & Home. Decorium sells home furnishings lighting rugs, art, gifts, and design, all with a classic but unique twist. The store is packed with unique and pretty things. Not much space to walk at all so I don't suggest taking young kids there.

The store serves as great backdrop for pictures. I took advantage of it and took several pictures here.

Not only there are beautiful furnishings in this photo, look at Pargo kicking up his hind legs. Haha, cute!

Fei and Pargo under a rustic-looking doorway.

I wouldn't mind if someone gave me this blue couch.

Then we visited Barkley Square. This store is THE place to go if you want to spoil your furry friends. They sell all natural, organic doggie treats, as well as other odds and ends to pamper your pets.

Pupcakes and treats are refrigerated for freshness. I got Pargo an organic peanut butter flavored treat. He loved it.

Finally, one of our last stops was the Potomac River waterfront, where tons of people were just soaking in the nice warm weather.

Before we said goodbye, we checked out the Torpedo Factory Art Center. It was once used to manufacturing torpedoes, but now the factory houses working artists' studios, art galleries, and art classes.

I didn't visit all the shops I wanted to see. With the big camera getting heavier by the second and Pargo getting tired, I ended my trip. Good thing I only live 30 minutes away, I shall return!


  1. Wow, so that is what GoGo used to look like before I gave him that haircut yesterday. Tsk Tsk...memories...

    Oh, thanks for asking, but I didn't want to go with you guys anyways. hmph!!!


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