Off I Go Again!

(Hard to see, but the yellow dot on the map is where we are heading)

The bags are packed, the batteries are charged, and the car is gassed up. All is left to do is drop off Pargo at my parents' and we will be ready to roll. We are driving 4 hours southeast to Chincoteague Island this morning. On the agenda: bit of hiking, bird-watching, biking, eating, and LOTS of relaxing. This is our last planned trip for the next couple of months, until we leave for Disney World in September. I will make sure to document every moment.

Chincoteague, here we come!


  1. Xia yu loh. It's raining cats and doggies outside, so Joyce and I are chilling in our little hotel room. She won't let me turn on the ac so I'm sweating like a pig. Of course, she's all wrapped up under the blankets. So weird.

    Anyways, we went out and hiked all over Assategue this morning. Saw forests, marshes, and the Atlantic Ocean. Got some good pics of the critters around here. Didn't get much up-close ones of the ponies but we came across some super cute squirrels!

    Okay, she's almost asleep now. I'm gonna turn up the AC!

  2. hope you guys have fun!

  3. wow disney in sept! what deal did you get this time?

  4. Free dining!

    We actually booked it last year when we were there in Sept. They offered it as a "Bounceback" program, but is is available to everyone now.

    Disney food is notoriously expensive so this really saves a lot.


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