Now I Can See?

Before we left for Chincoteague Island, Luke and I went to LasikPlus to receive consultation on whether or not we would quality to undergo the Lasik eye surgery. I have been wearing glasses since 7th grade (I still remember my very first pair - a plastic pink one) and contacts since high school. I have long ago accepted the fact that I am blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts and the routine of cleaning contacts will stay with me for the rest of my life. Yes, I would love to just open my eyes in the morning and magically see, especially when we go on trips, but for the most part, it doesn't bother me. (side note - I wear contacts nearly everyday, except on the weekends. I don't like wearing glasses because they slide down my nose.)

After 1.5 hours of various tests, the doctor concluded that we do indeed qualify for the procedure. In addition, with the eye dilation, the doctor said our eyes are healthy and scar-free. "Perfect candidates," she said. Basically, the decision is now mine to make - should I do it? Luke highly encourages me to do it. Partly because he's tired of me not seeing how dirty the bathtub is (when I shower I don't wear contacts). Partly because he doesn't think it's a good idea for me to wear contacts 8+ hours a day. I agree.

Another question becomes should I do it now (in 2008) or wait until 2009 so we can contribute to the flex spending account first? Decisions decisions.

I know the procedure is common nowadays, but it still looks kind of scary, no?

If you have had lasik, did it work well for you?


  1. we have so much in common. my 1st pair of glasses were pink too.

    my uncle had laser done and he ended up having dry eyes that really irritate him. but my optometrist said it really depends on people and maybe he already had a dry eye issue prior....

    and perhaps wait till 2009 so you can use the flexible spending to save some money?

  2. akanie, thanks for the information. I think I can deal with dry eyes as long as it is not permanent. My biggest fear is going blind!

  3. well, VSP is pretty much useless. it'll only saves 5% on the total procedure, so that's like $225. considering it costs us about $6 a month in benefits costs, total year end savings is $153. oh well, still better than spending on glasses I guess.


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