The New Mr and Mrs!

Pearl and Darren held their wedding reception at Maggiano's today! It was a simple and sweet reception full of personal details, laughs, and surprises. Few examples: "pig out menu", "beary happy bar", very entertaining and heartfelt toasts, and a serenade from the groom to the bride! What a fun wedding!

Using my new camera, I tried to capture as much as I could. Unfortunately, being a newbie, most of my photos came out blurry. I didn't want to use flash because it makes the pictures unnatural, but without flash, the shutter speed wasn't fast enough. I still have a lot to learn, that's for sure.

Regardless, Luke and I had fun celebrating with them, as well as taking a trip down the memory lane.

It's all in the details! From L to R - table card, picture guest book (love it! brilliant!), escort card, favor

Oh, the food. Luke and I hardly got to eat at our own wedding so we thoroughly enjoyed this part of the reception.

Being introduced as Mr and Mrs for the first time! Pearl was pretty much glowing the whole day and she nailed it with her DIY makeup. It was flawless!

Pearl and Darren had roughly 70-75 people in attendance. I can't believe they still have TWO more weddings in Malaysia before they can relax and be husband and wife! Have fun in Malaysia, guys! If these pictures look similar, it's because I shamelessly copied them from my own photographer. =P

Luke having a laugh with the other guests at table 5. I wish the lady in the back wasn't blurry, it would had been a good (candid) shot.

Bride and groom having cake! The spongy fruit filling cake was delicious!

Tired of getting blurry pictures, I turned the flash on for the next four. Hehe, the bride and groom were fabulously color coordinated.

Luke and Pearl's sister, Lynn. They are classmates and Lynn was the one introduced us to Pearl and Darren.

Me and the lovely bride!

An old and married couple. This was our first wedding after ours and after having being a bride myself, I noticed the thoughtful and personal details Pearl and Darren had at their reception.

The little guests. Luke wanted to play with them. These little monsters chased after their aunt and tried to untie her sash! =]

Silly wedding guests

Luke and I took a picture at this very exact spot EIGHT months ago!

Thanks for letting us share your special day with you, Darren and Pearl! Hope your hearts, home, and lives are filled with laugh and happiness! =]


  1. you have lots to learn with your camera

  2. Thanks, your pictures are great, you are definitely on your way to be a photojounalist!! Love the pictures, can I have a copy of all the pictures ? :) miao miao!

  3. Certainly! Just remember that 75%, no make that 85%, of the pictures are blurry. =p Good thing you had the pro there. hehe. Congrats again!

  4. 3 things about your issues:

    1. try the 50mm 1.8 lens. it will help during the low light situation

    2. get a flash and bounce the light off the ceiling then you will still have natrual feel w/the flash. on the camera flash does not do much.

    3. i had blury problems too and i think it might be the auto focus setting on your camera (if the picture was not caused by low lighting).


    We had known about this site but was too lazy to hit it up before the wedding. sigh....lesson learned. But still, we had a good time and the pictures we did take were decent. The bride, her sister and Joyce were all smokin hot again, so they were all definitely easy on the lens.

  6. akanie,

    Thanks for the suggestions. We recently got a new zoom lens, will blog about it soon. Definitely will look into the 50mm 1.8 lens.

    Shooting under natural is soooo much better though.


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