My name is Niko...

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I've been seeing a new girl. Her name is Michelle. She's a brunette that lives down the street. She likes me in sweat pants and glasses. She likes to play pool. I like taking her places. But the bitch turned out to be a cop! So we broke up. But that's okay, I have another girl now, her name is Carmen. She's Latino and likes to go to strip clubs. =] Joyce is okay with all this because she's the one that introduced me to them. (^-^ )

You see, she got me a copy of GTAIV a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped playing since. This is no dating game or anything, more like a crime simulator, which to some may be the same thing. Regardless, it is right up my alley.

I'm a short timer now, at least I will be for the next two days. So while my body is here, my mind had checked out a while ago. Hell, it checked out before my semester even ended (maybe that's why my marketing group hates me?). But anyways, GTA has been a godsend for me. I come home from hours of upon hours of doing...well...nothing, and what do I have waiting for me? My beautiful wife and son, and now Niko.

Niko Bellic is badass. I like pulling guns on people, shooting them in the face, stealing their cars, running over pedestrians, killing cops, killing birds, killing people, killing... Hell, I just like shooting shit up and driving fast. Since reality doesn't afford me these pleasures, Niko is my little escape vehicle. With him, I do whatever I want in the world of Liberty City. This isn't all mindless havoc, there is a story behind my man's madness, something about revenge for some stuff that happened back in the old country. So now he's here hunting them down. But along the way, Niko meets all sorts of new characters and places.

I'm at a fun point now. I've got Niko in some cool new threads and am taking over the central part of town. Right now I'm trying to land an interview with a law firm so that I can cap some mofo lawyer up in there. Thanks for the game Tong!


  1. Hmmm....sounds so violent, not exactly {sugarlens} blog material oh! But yeah, whenever I watch Luke play I always tell him how unrealistic this game is. How can you kill all these people and still be out and about? And sometimes he runs over pedestrians for no reasons. Rude.

    Anyway, at least ahbow is having fun now that the semester is over. He gets to relax for the next 3 weeks before summer semester starts. Yup!


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