Lights, Camera, Action!

This past Friday night, I went with my parents and brother to the Washington National Cathedral. For 3 nights, Swiss lighting artist Gerry Hofstetter brought his artistry to the Cathedral for an exterior illumination where numerous vivid images were projected directly on the architecture. My mom really wanted to go and with my brother as the driver, off we went.

I thought the show was just okay, but it gave me a chance to practice shooting in the dark and Pargo got out for a bit. I saw a number of people with SLRs and tripods. Shooting at night, it's important to hold the camera VERY steady to avoid blurriness. A lot of people use tripods to help them out. I don't have one...yet.

A couple of my best "steady hand" shots

What are y'all all looking at? Hi, Pargo!

See more examples of Gerry Hofstetter's Light Art Performances here. The Cathedral is really easy to get to via Georgetown. I know for a fact that it is a popular backdrop for engagement shoots. I definitely want to go back again soon, during daylight. And next time, maybe do a little bit of window shopping on M Street and Wisconsin , too.


  1. i see pargo in your dad's bag!
    we were going to go but didn't due to the rain...

  2. nice shot!

    I wish I had taken some shots from the front
    but did not feel like working through the crowds

    awesome night saturday
    my guess
    sunday was not so nice

  3. hmmm, I don't get it. what's so special about some house of propaganda and brainwashing with some lights splashed on it? glad I stayed home and killed ppl in GTA4. =]


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