I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

But I will be back next Monday. =D

I am catching a 4pm flight to St Louis for a mini-vacation. The weather is looking promising and I can't wait to spend a couple of days just kicking back with my friend. Wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend! Needless to say, I will share all the pictures when I return!

PS. I am leaving Biggie at home because Luke won't be there to help me carry it. I want to enjoy the sights rather than worrying about the camera.
PPS. Get WELL soon, ahbow! :-*


  1. I'm sorry to inform you that ahbow has died. While suggy was away having fun, the fever he had developed on Wednesday night got even worse. He managed to finish his fourth day at work, picked up mail on the way home, fed Pargo, and setup the new router before succumbing to the forces of little germs. He will be missed my his fish, his son, his plants, and his PS3 (along with lil Niko who still hasn't gotten revenge yet).

    The whereabouts of the Sug are still unknown. If spotted, please return home to collect his body.

  2. I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Upon returning home from St Louis, the Sug found ahbow still alive and kicking. All is good in the world.

    GOOD to be back!


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