I want to invest in some of these adorable individual cupcake holders. They can protect my cupcakes when I need to put them in my purse. At $2.99 a pop, they are not cheap, especially I want at least 6. I think they will be my splurge this month. =D


  1. Ok, the cupcake holders are adorable, but first I need to learn how to make cupcakes! :-)

  2. So yeah, this all goes up there with "useless pieces o'shite". Might as well make neon colored butt wipe. I mean, this is for a cup cake. Stuff that disappears with one bite. More time will be spent washing these little bastards than enjoying their cargo.

  3. Inga,

    Oh, baking cupcakes are pretty simple. I use cake mixes and enhance them with a few of my own ingredients. Semi-homemade!

    cup ni de tao!,

    You will see, I will use these puppies all. the. time. Thanks for picking 'em up for me today from The Container Store!

  4. You're welcome. But see, I told you they were pretty damn big. All we need now are some cupcakes to throw in them.


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