Going Back To The Dot

It's a slow-post week, but that doesn't mean that big things aren't happening! Luke formally accepted his job offer from Sun earlier this week. After 4+ years, he's returning to one of his old companies. :) The best part of this gig? Unless he's meeting clients, he gets to play stay-home dad. I am green with envy. Congratulations babes! Good job!


  1. Thanks Tong, I'm glad to be going back. Can't wait to start selling Sun swag again.

    Saying no to the Beijing gig was a bit hard, but I know I'll find my way back over there soon. No regrets...

  2. Yes, thedot has always wanted to work and live in China so it was no doubt a hard decision for him to pass up on the Beijing opportunity. Thanks babes. We will be there eventually though, just have to make sure we can take Gor with us.

    I hope the new job works out and you don't get frustrated with it after a few months oh! Either way, I think it's great to be able to work from home.


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