Biggie Gets BIG

by Guest
Last week was a good week. Not only did my semester finally end, but I also wrapped up my final days with my old company. And to top it all off, we received a belated wedding present from one of my childhood friends. I've known Robert since ... well, hell, I dunno...since the 80s! He came to our wedding and it was good seeing him again. We had last visited him down in Charlottesville, VA on a summer road trip a year earlier. Anyways, Rob was kind enough to send us this ginormous lens right here...

Since we're still beginners at this SLR photography thing, this attachment for Biggie is a godsend. We were hitting our limits when trying to zoom at things when outdoors. Also, it was hard to get discreet shots of ppl during Pearl's wedding because we had to stand so close to the subjects. Now, with this bad boy, we can stay tucked away in dark corners and take all sorts of pictures of ppl without them even suspecting a thing. heheheh...

So expect to see more shots with this lens on Sugarlens! Thanks for great gift Rob man!


  1. Nice! it would be nicer if it arrived two weeks earlier.. :)

  2. Thanks for posting this babes! Yes, can't thank Robert enough for his gift. It's just what we need! This new lens is just awesome.


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