Time To Celebrate

It's official. I am completely spoiled rotten by Luke.

I blogged about Tiffany's Celebration Rings before. I think they are absolutely elegant and timeless. And I love the way they advertise it - "ring by ring, create a stack that tells your story." Marketing...I fall for it every single time. It's so true though. It's nice to have little reminders of the special moments of our lives.

So, I have been wanting to create my own stack, but waiting patiently for the right special occasion. I thought maybe my 30th birthday coming up... But nope! Luke surprised me with a little (pink) bling for our 5th anniversary! It's a band ring with full circle of diamonds and pink sapphires (my birthstone). It even has my name engraved. It's perfect! Ooooooh, I love it!! Ahbow, thanks to the infinity oh!

I can't wait for my stack to get higher and higher! =p

Luke also gave me this card. Inside, it read, "With you by my side, life is one long, wonderful adventure." Soooo true. Ai ni oh ahbow!


  1. You're welcome babes, can't wait to return home again.

    And NO, you won't be getting a "stack" of this stuff. The whole diamond cartel and their inflated rock prices are things I will not feed anymore. NOPE! Not gonna do it!

  2. how sweet!! I recommended D to read this particular blog, hope he gets the hint. :)


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