You're Welcome, Uncle Sam

Knowing that we weren't getting tax refunds, Luke and I waited until the last possible minute to file our taxes. However, the time has finally come to part with our hard-earned money and into the hands of our trusty government (being sarcastic here). The checks will be in the mail on Monday (with one day to spare!).

At least it is done. And on the bright side, by filing jointly, we are paying less than what we would had to pay if filed individually. Time to do something with the "extra" money saved!

Another major milestone in our married life!

Cartoon borrowed without permission from here.


  1. haha can they sue you for posting another cartoon without permission?

  2. Damn military industrial complex!!!! Wait a minute, Joyce is part of that machine...curse all Boozers! Curse you all to hell! Viva La REVOLUTION!

    Into the Dungeon with evil men
    The people have risen we're free again
    Come out of the closet
    Come out of the hole
    Come out of the woodwork
    Come into the fold
    Rebels and fighters, a license to kill
    Unite with the bandits down from the hills
    Open your windows
    Open your doors
    Open your minds
    To a freedom of thought

    Viva la revolution [X4]

    Raise our voices, raise our flag
    Smash the symbols of the life we've had
    Long live the future
    Long live the scheme
    Long live our hopes
    Long live the dream
    Dance in the streets at the carnival
    Celebrate the victory now
    Drink the wine from the rich man's cask
    This revolution won't be the last

    Viva la revolution!


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