Photoshop Fun With Flowers

Yesterday I came home to an "ahbow-less" home (he's on travel for a couple of days this week). But to my delight, I found a bouquet of bright colorful flowers greeting me instead (along with a yappy dog)! The flowers kept me busy for a while. Still learning to use my SLR, I took the vase from the living room, to the dining room, to behind the couch, and to the sun room, trying to find the perfect angle and light to capture these beauties.

Using Photoshop, I added a flower quote to the image (click to enlarge). Other than that, this photo is untouched.

Using this tutorial, I added a vintage tone to this picture. The colors are more muted and it does give a "worn" look. Again, click to enlarge to read the quote.

I edited this image as well, but I can't exactly remember the steps I took. I know I created a duplicated layer, played with hue/saturation, and blurred the image slightly. The end result? The colors are richer and more vivid. I like it.

When editing photos using Photoshop, there is a fine line between enhancing the images and distorting them (ie, making them unnatural and unrealistic). I still have a lot to learn, but I am pretty happy with what I did with these flower pictures. :)


  1. wow, you've really learned how to take some good macro shots with biggie. and all the photoshop effects look cool oh! nice job bongs!

  2. Why thank you! I really like biggie. =]


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