Out With The Old, In With The New

After many many many years, my parents finally bought themselves a new car!

I accompanied my parents to Miller Toyota in Manassas today while Luke went off to class (last session of the spring semester!). The process was easy. My mom saw the special in the paper. The special price was for one particular car only. Once we got there, the salesperson took us out for a test drive in that particular car. The color was right, the price was (almost) right. Sold. Of course, my parents had done their due diligence and went to another dealership beforehand.

My parents with their new wheels - 2009 Toyota Camry LE in Magnetic Gray Metallic.

Say goodbye to our old family car. This 1987 Nissan Sentra was my mom's very first car in the US. She picked us up from the airport with it when we arrived to the US from Taiwan. The 5 us squeezed into this tiny car and my mom drove us to our new home. Ahhh, memories. Later, my brother Andy drove this car in high school and then in college (I believe the car got spray painted by a prankster at that time). The car has also been in at least one car accident and we never fixed the body completely because we thought, "why fix an old car?" Nowadays, this is my dad's mobile. The car has less than 80K miles on it, but it's just too old and unreliable. It breaks down every now and then and without air conditioning, it's uncomfortable to drive in the summer, especially with the vinyl seats. My parents are donating it to charity. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to something that has been with us for so long.

I took Pargo along. After laying all over the backseat of the new car and listening in on the conversations, Pargo gave us his seal of approval!


  1. New lens triggers a new car. A new car for new lens. Thanks you Joyce for driving us to Manassas Miller Toyota. When 5 of us will pile into this car?

  2. yes i agree it is sad to say goodbye to the silver nissen sentra :( i drove back and forth from home to uva many times in that car! lets all pile into the new car next week when im home!


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