Make Her Pretty

One of the decisions I made during my wedding planning was doing my own makeup. After a disastrous makeup trial that made me $30 poorer and my unwillingness to toss more money down the drain on trials, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Per Luke's suggestion (yes, Luke!), I scheduled a makeover appointment with Clinique at Macy's a few weeks before the wedding. The beauty consultant walked me through step by step of what she was doing during the entire process. I learned techniques on applying foundation evenly and putting on eyeshadow. Or simply, I learned how to make myself not look like a clown. I purchased several products that she used for the makeover (a minimum purchase of 2 items was required) for less than $100 and I was on my way to do my own makeup.

On my wedding day, I put on just enough coverage and still looked like myself. No regrets on DIY'ing this important task that most brides put in the hands of professionals. To this day, I still use the techniques I learned every day when applying makeup.

My friend Pearl is getting married next month! When she asked me about makeup, I gave her the same advice that Luke gave me. Today, I met up with her and her sister, Lynn, and spent a bit more than an hour at Bloomingdales.

The lady at Estee Lauder did a wonderful job! She also freelances, but Pearl is trusting herself to do her own on the big day. There is a 2 item minimum purchase, just like Clinique. Unlike me, Pearl was more sensible and really just purchased 2 items. I did not receive this service at Clinique, but Estee Lauder offers this sheet that the beauty consultant fills out with the list of products used. It's a nice perk - this way if Pearl decides to come back and buy the rest of the products, she can use this as a reference.

And here is the pretty bride to-be and her "bridesmaids". :) Us "bridesmaids" got a free red tote! You look fabulous Pearl, looking forward to your big day!


  1. Thank you, my lovely "bridemaid"! :) I hope you had as much fun as I did. After returning home, my groom-to-be was shocked!! and thought I ran out from the Ringling Brothers!..guess, I am determined to do my own makeup for my big day now. :)

  2. Wow, three hawt chicks and where the hell was I at?! Oh yeah, I was home alone geeking out over my level 50 Guan Yu in Dynasty Warriors 6 and play fighting with my imaginary light saber while watching Star Wars. Umm yeah...I should probably stop typing now...


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