Hello There!

Wow, what a fantastic time I am having. In the short week I have been here, I have done so much, saw so much, and learned so much. I have walked, bus-ed, ferry-ed, cable car-ed, and streetcar-ed across this easy-navigating city. The sights are incredible; but truly what makes this place fabulous is the nice people. I will surely miss this fun-loving city, the frigid wind and all. San Francisco is a diverse city, with a little something for everyone.

I tried to cram it all in since I don't know when I will be back. Using the checklist in the Bay City Guide, I completed almost all the major attractions, and added a few off the beaten path places of my own. I can't wait to blog and reminiscence once I get home. I have a lot to share.

Just some background on the trip. Luke and I arrived on Sunday (4/6) around noon time and will be flying out tomorrow (4/11). Luke is sent here by his company to attend the annual RSA Conference. I decided to tag along after much ponder and so glad I did. Although we had dinner every night together, for the most part, I was on my own (with a travel buddy I met!) while Luke worked. We are staying at the San Francisco Marriott near Market Street. The location can't be beat, it is close to all public transportation (which I relied heavily on). I purchased the 3-day Muni Passport for $18 and took every advantage of it. With the Muni Passport, a map, and a tour book, I explored San Francisco inside and out. Surly I missed some things, but what's more important is that I've discovered enough to know that I want to come back.

Much more to come. First gotta get home safely tomorrow and give Pargo a much-needed bath.


  1. Welcome back!! look forward to reading more of your trip and pictures, and thanks for bring the sun back! :)

  2. It's fun to go on trips, but it's always good to be back home too. Glad that the sun is out, just in time for your engagement shoot!

  3. haha good picture of you hanging out of the SF cable car!

  4. I still haven't ridden one of those things. Maybe cuz I never had a little checklist to help me out. Yeah, that's it!


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