Five Years And Counting

Five years ago today, on our first official date, Luke took me to Little Fountain Café, a quaint and cozy restaurant in Adams Morgan. I still recall the specific details of that Friday night. From what we ordered to which pair of shoes I was wearing. We shared stories and laughs over dinner, as well as an umbrella under the rain. The meal was superb and the company was impeccable. We have been inseparable since.

Luke said that all we need to remember now is our wedding anniversary on 9/9. I object. Just because we are married now doesn't mean we forget the important dates of the past. So as simple as it may be, we went to Corner Bakery for dinner tonight (a little deja vu). I had my usual chicken pesto sandwich and Luke had chicken pomodori (a panini version of my sandwich). And this year, we shared a pecan bar (as well as stories and laughs).

Happy 5 Years, Ahbow! :-*

Note: Picture in the post was taken at the National Zoo in DC, on a Saturday in May 2003


  1. how sweet!! and I agree too, important dates of the past are always important, that is how we remember all the sweet memory and recall the simple details in life and smile. :)

  2. I was just kidding about the anniversary. I still got Joyce something (besides a little pecan bar). Yup! Still can't believe its been five years already...

  3. Yes, SE for hire surprised me with a gift! ::clapping in glee::


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