Everything Is Better With Cilantro

- We had salmon for dinner tonight. Yum.
- We harvested our cilantro and used it as garnish. Yummier.
- Our new camera rocks! Yummiest!


  1. Droool....it's past my bedtime and I still can't sleep cuz my tummy is too full. =[ You over fed me. You know I can't control myself when it comes to Suggy food. I think I need lipposuction...

  2. Oh my God, I need this recipe asap! This looks delicious!!

  3. Inga,

    It's soooo simple. Salt and pepper the salmon before cooking. Then just put some oil in your pan and let it cook over medium heat until done. On this particular day, I had some garlic so I threw that in too. Then I topped it off with cilantro (because I am growing them at home and have too much of it).

    I think my camera really captured it well and made it extra delicious-looking.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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