"Am I blocking you?"

by Guest
Those were the first words my wife ever said to me. (^-^ )

It was 1996 and she had just turned 18 that day. We were both in our first year as undergrads down in Blacksburg, VA. A club we were both interested in was holding a car wash that day to raise some cash. While I was riding with my brother to the wash, I saw this cheerful looking girl walking on the sidewalk with another girl next to her. I was forced to do a double take as we drove by and twisted my neck to see the shrinking figures out the rear window. As I sat back down to face the oncoming road again, my older brother laughed and asked, "Did you see something you liked?" I just chuckled as a grin grew on my face. I wondered if they were heading to the car wash as well. I wondered if she would be heading to the car wash.

Sure enough, the two girls eventually showed up. I was playing it cool of course, pretending not to notice them. One was rather tall and had a beautiful smile. The other one was shorter and...well, I don't remember much about her. So we did our thing and helped wash some cars. I glanced over every now and then and she was speaking with folks that I didn't know. I mainly hung around other guys who brought their rides along and oggled at all the cool gear underneath the hoods. Yeah I know, sounds dumb, but its not like any of the girls were wearing t-shirts and getting all wet and stuff. Hell, the tall pretty one had a friggin sweatshirt on! A pink one, to be exact. The brisk fall weather had already settled in down in Blacksburg.

Eventually, at the end of the day, everyone gathered together for a group picture. And of course, the tall girl that wouldn't stop smiling stepped right in front of me. I was like, "WTF man!? You're blocking me! I want to be in the picture too you know!" Well, that's what I was thinking anyways. Noticing her own rude behavior, this girl turned around and asked, "Am I blocking you?"

"No", I said...

It took a while, but seven years later, we finally went on our first real date. Five years ago this very day, on another Friday just like today.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Hehehe, I remember this! It was my birthday and I washed cars. I walked to the car wash with my friend Elaine and asked a boy if I was blocking him. :) Wouldn't it be so neat if we could somehow find that picture?

    I also remember when we formally met. It was a few days later after the car wash, I was sitting front row center in my Intro to Information Systems class. In this huge auditorium with 200+ seats, you decided to plop yourself down next to me.

    Little did I know that we would marry 11 years later. ^_________^

  2. that's really funny and cute! :)

  3. what a great story haha, you should definitely try to track down that photograph!


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