A Visit to Chincoteague Island

Last year in the summer months prior to the wedding, Luke discovered Chincoteague Island. Chincotegue Island is located on Virginia's Eastern Shore (approximately a 4-hour drive from DC). Many people describe it as a charming island and a hidden gem! It's a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the nature and wildlife. Last year, with my days cluttered with wedding planning tasks, I wasn't up for a weekend gateway. This year, however, my calendar is wide open.

While Luke had read all about the island last year, I was clueless about it. So to get myself up to speed, I spent some time reading the threads on TripAdvisor, perusing the Chincoteague Island's Official Tourist site, and browsing the photos on a personal website. What I learned was that Chincoteague is a place where people revisit year after year for its friendly locals and small town charm.

Assateague Island is located near Chincotegue. In fact, the entrance to Assateague is through Chincoteague on the Virginia side (there is a Maryland entrance too). Assateague offers hiking trails, sandy beaches, camping grounds, biking trails, and opportunities to see wildlife. We will, of course, be paying a visit to Assateague as well. I hope to see ponies!

Oddly enough, the place I picked for our stay at Chincoteague happens to be the one that Luke liked from last year when he was researching! We have reserved a waterfront room at the family-owned Waterside Inn for the last weekend of May. I am so looking forward in visiting this quaint and picturesque island!

To prep myself for the trip, I even borrowed Misty of Chincoteague, a children's book, from the library. This book was written by Marguerite Henry who actually stayed on the island when she wrote the book. Read more details here.

Photos from Travels with the Johnsons


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to this trip as well. I don't enjoy crowds much and pretty much despise "modern civilization" and all the bs that comes with it. So taking off to a quiet island (that isn't full of palm trees) is my idea of a good break. Just a few more weeks!


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