Monday, March 17, 2008

Travel Companion

If I could, I would spend my days traveling about. A lot of people opt to save up and splurge on one luxurious vacation once a year (or every other year). I, on the other hand, like to travel on budget so I can take several trips a year. From talking to my coworkers and friends, I know that my travel style is very different from theirs and would not be compatible travel companions at all. So what is my personal travel style? Here is what I am looking for in a travel companion and luckily, Luke happens to be an almost-perfect match. :)

Compatible Travel Traits

- Strong desire to eat where/what the locals eat (including street food, yummo!)
- Moderate budgets (I like to save where I can and splurge when it's worth it)
- Low budgets (But I am also okay with shoe-string budgets)
- Interest in exploring random stores (I have a thing for checking out the local grocery stores. I love looking at food. Just ask Luke.)
- Willingness to wake up early or stay out late for special events (sunrise and sunset)
- Tolerance for lots of walking (Walking is the best way to explore new places, you never know what you will discover)
- Tolerance for messiness (I like dirty, noisy places)
- Understand my desire for jam-packed itineraries (I will relax when I get home)
- Understand that I take pictures of everything and not get embarrassed about it

Incompatible Travel Traits

- Wanting to take it easy (e.g. relax by the hotel pool every single day)
- Too opinionated (but prefer someone who knows what he/she wants to do too)
- Discomfort with dirty, smelly, crowded, or noisy places (I looooove Chinatown!)
- Dislike public transportation (I actually like using the local subway system at new cities!)
- Ultra-high budget (e.g. luxury accommodations, fine dining every meal)
- Ultra-low budget (I don’t want to eat at McDonald’s to save money. When I am at a brand new place, I want to try local cuisine.)
- Prefers convenience over customization (I stay away from all-inclusive resort type places. Cruises, in my opinion, are ideal because it’s a combination of both.)
- Interest in backpacking (Although I am not high-maintenance, I don’t think I am ready for backpacks and hostels just yet!)
- Interest in shopping for things one can easily buy back home (unless it's a local open-air market, I am not interested)
- Interest in intense physical activites and adventures (I can leisurely hike for an hour or 2, but that's all I can handle.)
- Too much energy! (At the end of the day, I want to relax too.)

Just for fun. Here is a picture of me, taken by Luke from a bench, taking a picture of The Waving Girl Statue in Savannah.

And here is my travel companion, picture taken by me, relaxing on the bench. It was a hot day. Also, notice that we each have of our own camera? We stopped taking 2 cameras on trips shortly after because we were taking way too many duplicate photos!

Would we be compatible travel companions? Who do you like to travel with?

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  1. What's this ALMOST crap? We aren't compatible travel mates at all! =D I'm content with just being someplace. I don't need to actually go out and visit all the spots pointed out by a Lonely Planet book. When on holiday, I relax, Joyce wants to do stuff. But somehow, we always manage to have a great time no matter what or where or when.