Sweet Home Taiwan

I have been using skype to chat with my cousin, April, a lot lately (HI APRIL!). It's nice to be able to talk and catch up without having to spend a dime. The sound quality is surprisingly clear too. She doesn't have a webcam on her side, but because I do, I am able to show her my dear Pargo. It's so cool to be able to share stuff like this even though we are at the opposite ends of the world.

Luke and I visited Taiwan in Nov 2005. It was only my 2nd trip back since coming here in 1988, and it was Luke's first trip to Taiwan ever! We had so much fun exploring Hualien together, going back to my old neighborhood in Taichung, visiting my relatives in Sansia, touring Jiufen, and walking around Taipei and its neighboring areas. But, above everything else, there was the FOOD! My favorite meal during the stay was the lunch at a restaurant in my old neighborhood where my dad and my brothers used to eat at least once a week. Oh, but then there was the hot pot, the Ice Monster, the pigs blood... I can go and on.

Talking to April is making me want to visit Taiwan again....soon. Not just for the food and sights, but also to visit my aunt and my cousins who I grew up with. This year is impossible to make that trip, but hopefully in 2009 or 2010. It seems so far away, but I sure hope my cousins will decide to come here for a vacation instead! Luke and I would be the perfect hosts. Seriously.


  1. blah blah blah...I ask you to install Skype so that we can talk while I'm on travel and you just ignore me. But when YaWei asks you to use Skype, you install it the next day and start yapping all nite long. HMPH!!!!

    But yes, we need to go back to Taiwan. Like now! I'm not kidding. I can work as a street sweeper or something. Must get out, must leave, must survive...

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