Good Friday = Happy Birthday

Friday after work, I stopped by Sichuan Village in Chantilly to pick up some take-outs before going home. The occasion: my dad's birthday! I absolutely loooooove Sichuan Village. I adore their spicy dishes. They are yummy-licious! The restaurant is your typical Chinese restaurant, with fish tanks, sticky floors, and red lanterns. However, they offer two different menus, depending on if you speak Chinese or not. If not, they give you the menu with items such as orange chicken and beef broccoli. If you greet them in Chinese when you walk in, you are offered a sheet of laminated menu, in simplified Chinese, listing authentic Sichuan dishes. That is the menu I order off of. This is a restaurant I come back to again and again when I am craving for spicy foods. We haven't yet tried the buffet option at the restaurant, but it seems like the typical "Americanized" Chinese buffet, which I am not too interested in.

Besides the 2 veggie dishes my mom cooked, all others were from Sichuan Village. Each dish was spicier than the next. We all got hot while eating. I don't usually drink anything else besides water, but I was chugging down ice tea like a mad woman.

Afterward dinner, we had chocolate cake from Whole Foods and took some pictures (above). I worked hard all morning, while Luke snoozed away next to me, and came up with the design using Photoshop. I am pretty please with it! What do you think?

Happy Birthday, 老爸!


  1. This place serves good stuff, my palate was happy to be there even if it was take-out. While my mind was wandering that nite, I left with a more than happy tummy. Pargo had a really good time. His little tail never stopped wagging the whole time.


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