Spring Planting: Update

Part I

I have never grew anything edible from seeds before, so this post is quite exciting for me!

My basil and cilantro seeds have germinated and they are now in the seedling stage (I hope I am using the terms right)! As you can see, they are growing beautifully. I read that that each seedling should be spaced 1/2" apart from one another, but Luke said that they are fine the way they are so we are leaving them in the same pot. I hope he's right.


I started to see a little bit of green on Day 8, but by Day 9, I could see the little seedlings much more clearly. I couldn't believe how fast they were growing, especially between Day 9 to Day 14 (pictured). On those days, I literally looked at them every 1/2 hour when I was home and every time I looked, I saw something different! Now at Day 15, I am seeing a slower progress, but I think it's just because the sun hasn't been shining much lately.


Can't wait until I get to harvest them. I searched and searched online to find out how long that would take, but no luck. Does anyone know?


  1. whoo, I want to grow my now, if I can get out of this snow mess I'm in. Hm, maybe you should have bought two bigger containers. I think I will buy the window box style or the urn kind.

  2. I remember we tried to grow "forget-me-not" last summer and it took the whole summer and finally there were some green leaves came out from the pot, but we didn't see any flowers..until it was really forgotten and dried up!! :-p

  3. Hey, you didn't show pics of the other basils growing in the green tray. I like those little guys more than the potted ones, not sure why, maybe cuz the tray is green. I like green. =] It won't be too hard to figure out when to start harvesting. Whenever they reach a decent size, we can start chowing down. They won't get huge like the grocery store ones, but I'm sure they'll still get fairly large. Yum oh!


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