The Solar Powered Pargo

by Guest
I always knew The Beast wasn't normal. I could always feel something hidden underneath all his brown fuzziness. Like some reptile charging himself in the light, the Gogo spends his days in the apartment hunting the Sun. Early in the mornings when the sunlight is in the bedroom, he plops himself down and soaks up all the rays to warm up. And as our little home spins atop the planet around the Sun, Pargo moves around chasing the light. While Joyce was off doing her stuff today, I caught several shots of our son in his favorite afternoon spot.

If we could bottle this light and save it for a rainy day, Pargo would be the happiest yorkie in the world.

You see, this is the last patch of sunlight that makes it to the ground in our home. Sure enough, Gogo does his best to get every last bit of it.


  1. Excellent shots of our son babes. I especially like the angle of the 3rd one. He looks like a baby lion. Gor, he's the best.

  2. Yup, gotta luv tho Gor!


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