The Priceless Gown Project

I finally watched the highly-anticipated 27 Dresses this past weekend! Overall, I thought the movie was very entertaining. Luke thought otherwise, but was that a surprise anyway? :)

The movie got me motivated to check one more thing off of my 100 in 1001 Project. While I don't have a closet chock full of bridesmaid dresses like Jane, I did have one that had been sitting in my closet for the past 2+ years. I didn't think I would ever wear it again and getting it shortened wasn't worth it for me, so I decided long ago to donate it to a good cause.

After watching this movie and some researching online, I found The Priceless Gown Project. This non-profit organization is based in Baltimore, Maryland and it provides prom dresses to girls who are unable to purchase their own attires. I read their website and they seemed to be very organized. The last event they held was actually only earlier this month, which alleviated my worries of sending my dress to a black hole.

I carefully packaged the dress I wore to my friend's lovely wedding back in 2005, included a hand-written note using my personal stationery, and mailed it out on the way to work today. For more information on donating your clothes, click here. I highly encourage people to donate their gently-used clothing. It was such a happy feeling to see my dress going to a good cause.

I hope the dress will reach a special girl and she will wear it to her prom, feeling as pretty as I felt when I wore it! (PS. I am glad Su has much better tastes than Jane's friends!)

me with the beautiful bride, 2005


  1. Wow, such a waste. No more dress to look lah in anymore. Plus you had to pay for the shipping too. Oh well, I guess it's better than taking up closet space. Good job Bongs!

  2. Yup, and I received the tax receipt today. So I know the dress arrived safe and sound! yay.

  3. omg i wore that red dress but mom altered it for me!!!! thanx alot !


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