Big Boy Bed

I am banning Luke from the pet aisle in Walmart. I was innocently looking for some facial cleansers when he went to browse over at the next aisle - the pet aisle. Next thing I know, when I went over to meet him, he had put a bag of chicken jerky treats and a kitty (yes, kitty) bed in the shopping cart. Totally unnecessary, I told him. Pargo likes to lay on us and blankets, not in a little box. His comeback was that this little bed will travel with him - to my parents' or Lilo's, whenever they may babysit him.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later. As very evident by {sugarlens}, I spend an obscene number of hours on my computer and blogging. I really need to cut back and I am going to; now that spring is here and summer will arrive shortly, I am going to spend more time outside. However, for the time that I do spend on my computer, I can feel less guilty about it now. With this new bed, I can safely put Pargo on the table so he can be right next to me while I work. I get to kill two birds with one stone - I get to spend time with Pargo while browsing/blogging.

However, I still need to train him to sleep in his big boy bed. Minutes after I put him in the bed, he crawled out and insisted on curling up on my lap instead. And how do you say no to this adorable little face? Well, you don't.


  1. Hmph! I don't see anything wrong with spoiling our son. He's the only one we got and he deserves everything! Besides, you know he won't be around forever and we'll never find another doggy like Pargo. Nope!


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