O Is For Orchids

*Warning: This is a picture-heavy post*

This past weekend I went to the US Botanic Garden in DC. The exhibit on display, Alphabet Garden of Orchids, featured hundreds of exquisite and exotic orchids. I was really excited to go. When I was planning my wedding, I was really drawn to the beauty of cymbidium orchids. At more than $200 for 10 stems (each stem has several blooms), it was more than what I was willing to pay...so I didn't use them. Anyway, I was really looking forward in taking some pretty pictures!

We arrived well before 10am and found street parking without any problems. It was a cloudy day, but not too terribly cold. We parked a few blocks away and Pargo had fun walking. He received so much attention.

The Botanic Garden is located right next to the US Capitol. It's really convenient and you can totally spend a day in this little corner of DC.

The exhibit takes the visitors through all 26 alphabets, each explaining and celebrating the diversity of orchids. O is for Orchids!

Trying to be a bit creative, I took pictures of J, O, Y, C, and E. Using this tool I blogged about before, I made this collage! Pretty, if I do say so myself. :)

Different varieties of orchids....

Cymbidium orchids are absolutely my favorite! The moms wore them as corsages on wedding day, so at least I got to incorporate them a little bit. :)

While my mom and I walked around, taking pictures like crazy, Ken and Lilo sat on a bench and took care of Pargo the whole time (thanks guys!). I stopped by to say hello and took a picture with them.

My mom. She likes to take pictures more than me. Her picture collection is abundant and amazing! This was her second visit to the exhibit already.

And we can't forget about Pargo. He got more attention than the orchids. Seriously.

I will end this post with a few words of wisdom.

I have been in the DC area for nearly 20 years now, yet there are many places I haven't been to. This summer, Luke and I aren't planning any long trips so I am going to make an effort to visit more of DC and its neighborhoods. Look for more posts on DC travel in the near future!

I took a brief video. The garden had just opened, but already crowded with people.


  1. lovely! love the collage too.

  2. I just might go to this exhibit this weekend. They just had an orchid exhibit in Cleveland but it's not free like DC. It looks lovely.

  3. sigh...no flowers for me. too busy with school crap. at least these pictures help me feel as if I was there. =D

  4. i'm stealing ur alpha spelling name idea. :)


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