My (Late) Discovery

I recently learned about Picasa. I am sure this Google application has been around for quite a while now, but I have just discovered it and since then I've been amazed by its capabilities and how it is integrated with all other Google apps. I have a crazy number of photos on my computer and Picasa is an invaluable tool to get organized! I *love* Google.

Once I downloaded the software and installed the application, Picasa instantly located and organized ALL the picture files on my computer by date. This is a one time scan. Afterwards, it will only scan the folders I specify. Since I store my pictures in a folder other than the default (ie, My Pictures or My Documents), I went to File>Add Folder To Picasa and added my folder (in my case, F:\PHOTOS\) to the Watched Folder list. This way, whenever I add new pictures to my PHOTOS folder, they will automatically be scanned by Picasa.

Picasa has a very clean and user-friendly interface. I can't gush enough about it! It makes a minimalist like me very happy.

Picasa has many neat options, such as minor editing. Without using Photoshop, I can now crop, auto color, auto contrast, turn photos to B&W, and a lot more. This is great for someone who doesn't have access to Photoshop.

Since I have a Gmail account, I can click on the Email button and send pictures to others using Picasa. It's so easy. I no longer have to open a new window, log into Gmail, and attach photos one by one. I can easily highlight the pictures I want to send, click on the Email button, and voila, done.

Similarly, I can select photos, click on the Blog This! button, and blog away. This makes life a lot simpler for bloggers like myself.

I can also upload my pictures to the Web Album and share them online with friends. I haven't tried it yet though. In fact, I am still playing with the application and learning. I am sure it can do so much more than what I listed. I am looking forward in getting more organized by utilizing this tool!

Do you have a method for organizing your pictures? Is there a tool that you use? Share with me!


  1. Minimalist!? If you like simple GUIs, then why don't you get rid of that MSN chat client that's so full of crap I can barely see what the program really does. Is its sole purpose to display banner ads and take up desktop space?? Start using Pidgin, like I've been suggesting for the longest time. Yup!


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