Mission: Organize Digital Photos Files

Nowadays, with the popularity of digital cameras and how affordable they have become, I would be surprised if I were to meet anyone who didn't have one. Luke and I take pictures almost on a daily basis. Mostly pictures of Pargo eating, Pargo sleeping, Pargo all curled up, Pargo stretching....you get the idea.

Because of these random pictures, in all, I have a gazillion gigs of photos and videos. Those photos and videos serve as precious memories and are very important to me. Until a couple of days ago, I had nearly all of them stored on my computer. I always knew the importance of backing up files, just in case if my computer decides to break, but never took that to heart.

I finally got around to do it a week ago. I first organized the photos into folders (ex. Christmas_06, roadtrip_06, Ken's_Graduation_07, etc) and then grouped the folders by year. I am sad to say that the digital files from 2004 and prior are missing. I must have lost them in transition from computer to computer. Luckily, I always made a habit of printing hardcopies of the good ones so I do have the photos, just not the files...

Then depending on how large the "year" folder was, I either burned them onto a disc or several discs. For significant events, such as our Hawaiian Honeymoon, I dedicated a disc (or in the case of our honeymoon, it took 3 discs) just for them. Luke has a fancy LightScribe burner so we made pretty labels for the otherwise very plain discs. I must say that they look very professional! It took me a week, working off and on, to finish the project.

I am going to make a habit of backing up our photos now (at least once a year). I will also need to remember to print the photos. I know a lot of people hardly print pictures anymore. I guess I am still old-fashioned that I like to have something to hold and flip.

#59, check!


  1. we should really get together and trade organizing tips. i love to organize all the time. i think i am spending too much time organizing though.

  2. Lightscribe DVDs rock! Sure, they're a bit spendy, but damn, they look better than those Sharpie scribbles we used to use. Of course, we don't just rely on DVDRs. We still keep copies on our harddrives. Once I get a new motherboard and CPU picked out, we'll have a whole new box with over a terabyte of storage. Pargo pix to the MAX!!


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