Me, Myself, and I Note Cards

I have been looking for inspirations on Etsy for making my own personalized note cards. Since I am still a Gocco beginner, I am looking for simpler designs. I found a couple that I like:




Blue Sugar Press

With these ideas in mind, I went to iStockphoto looking for a cute illustration. A few months ago, I scored some credits through FatWallet, enough for a free download. (yay!) I found an image I like and using Paint.NET, this is what I got. You like? I am thinking I will use 2 colors of ink, yet to be determined. I am just happy that I have the design. In the future, I can manipulate the call-out box and replace the heart with "hi" or something similar.


  1. Hhehehe...cute card oh! But what are you gonna do with them? Do I have another burfday coming up!?!?


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