A Letter To Pargo

Dearest Pargo,

You fill our days with joy and laughter. You show us unconditional love. You make our hearts melt with your big brown eyes. Thank you for being so cuddly, so cute, and so strange. Can't wait to spend many many many more years with you. Happy 2 years.

ai ni oh,
Mommy & Daddy

PS. We promise to find a little brother or sister for you soon.

Note: Today marks our 2 year anniversary with Pargo. On this very day 2 years ago, we took a trip to Maryland and our lives were forever changed. :)

Photo taken shortly after Pargo's 1st birthday, in Fall 2006


  1. Too bad gogo can't read or really understand us. Then we could tell him how he's become one of the family. So instead, we rely on little hugs, kisses and chicken jerky treats to show our love. Tho its only been two years, it's hard for us to even remember our lives without the little guy. Definitely glad we found him when we did.

  2. Plus, we let him sleep on the bed with us so he knows he's part of the family. =]


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