1/2 Year!

I was supposed to go to Philadelphia this weekend with my parents for a flower show. Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold earlier this week and still recovering. In addition, my parents decided not to go anymore as well because of the gloomy rainy weather. It worked out well actually, because today is our 6-month anniversary and I am glad Luke and I get to spend the day together (especially since he has been spending a lot of time on the plane lately)!

Luke got me a bouquet of yellow and purple/pink mums. He said it was to cheer me up since I am sick and this way I still get to see flowers even though I missed the flower show. :) Thanks ahbow, very thoughtful of you!

So I took pictures of the bright and cheery flowers and using Photoshop, created these 2 images to commemorate our 1/2 year mark as husband and wife!


  1. happy 6 months. hope you feel better.

  2. As I type this, you're snuggled next to me snoring away. =] Poor baby still coughs now and then, but at least most of the nasty gunk is gone from your lungs and nose. Sorry for passing my sickies onto you dear.

    Joyce made me one of my most favoritest dishes for our anniversary. Just give her a bag of rice patties (not sure what they're supposed to be called, but just imagine a rice noodle the size of a banana that is sliced diagonally into thick chip pieces) and she will whip up a little bit of heaven. I loved it and my current waist measurements clearly shows it. Thanks Bongs!


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