The Weight Game (Gain)

I’ve heard that most newlyweds gain unwanted pounds during their first year of their marriage. Well, it’s happening to us too. Yikes. (Some random comics to break up an otherwise boring post. All comics from CartoonStock.)

Luke and I love to eat. We can polish off a bag of family-size sour and cream potato chips in two hours while watching a movie. We always clean our plates, as well as the rice pot. We are one of those people who skip breakfast whenever we go to a buffet lunch, pig out, swear that we wouldn’t eat for dinner, and then have dinner 3 hours later.

The past 2 weeks were especially bad for us because we had many dinners with families and took home the leftovers. On top of the holiday fat that I haven’t completely lost, I am bulging out of my jeans. I am nipping this nonsense in the bud before it continues any further! This morning, Luke and I declared that we are going on a (crash) diet.

When it comes to dieting, “everything in moderation” is my philosophy. Skipping meals won’t do me any good either because I will quit as soon as I start. After all, when I get dizzy, I can't function well. Instead, I will be more mindful about what I cook and the stuff I put into it. I will eat normally, but with the hope of eating a healthier version of it, without compromising the taste. Gosh, I sound like a health magazine.

I love me some greasy food though, the more oil the better! So cooking healthier will be the ultimate challenge. Luckily, Luke and I stay away from the #1 diet buster that most people face. We shy away from soft drinks/juices and we do not have the Starbucks Addiction. Even luckier for me, I don’t have a sweet-tooth, while Luke has the BIGGEST sweet-tooth. So to help him out, I will just have to make sure I don’t have cakes, ice cream, or chocolates lying around the house. Luke is a big kid, if they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

For the next few weeks until I reach my ideal weight, I am going to drink more water, stay off the chips, and eat just enough so I am not hungry anymore. I vow to eat more fruits and cook with less oil. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, I am taking Pargo out for walks. I am going to stretch more, blog less.

In a few months the weather will be calling for shorts and skirts, I want to be ready for it! I don’t want to have to buy new shorts, dammit!

Any words of wisdom for me? What has worked for you?


  1. Eat healthy, not fasting, keep the metabolism running, stay away from greasy oily high carb food. :)

  2. Yeah, it's seems so simple really. Eat less of the bad stuff, more of the good stuff, and don't sit around all day. Easier said than done. But keeping the bad stuff out of the house is definitely a start! But wait, just one more pbj sandwich please!!!

  3. all ice cream, all chocolate, all the time diet is the best. :)

  4. chew slowly, like 10 to 15 times before swallowing. like me! :)


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