Right On The Money

Now that I have finished reminiscing about our wedding day, I want to give a ballpark figure of how much actually went into hosting the event. From the very beginning, Luke and I knew we didn't want to go over 10K. After initial research, I found out that a tasteful and simple wedding can be done for a lot less! So during the planning process, I worked with a fairly low budget of $5000 and kept track of all the spendings in an Excel spreadsheet. Here's the breakdown.

City: Vienna, VA
Ideal Budget: $5000
# of Guests: 52, including us

Ceremony Site Rental - $262.50
Wedding Luncheon (including tax/tips and sound system) - $1963.50. Buffet-style with host bar. We were able to cut cost here because I bought $1000 worth of gift cards on eBay at a 10% discount.
- $352.25
Favors/Craft Supplies (including chopsticks, scrapbook papers, hand fans, favor tags, ribbons, tin pails, basket, bubble wand, porcelain marker, parasol, and votive candles) - ~$142.00
Stationery/Postage (
including invites, thank you cards, program, menus, table cards, and escort cards) - $39.60
Flowers (including bridal bouquet, groom boutonnière, 2 mother corsages, 2 father boutonnières, and bride hairpiece) - $154.75
Centerpieces (including centerpiece flowers, floating candles, centerpiece bowls, vases, and table runners) - $388.13
Photographer (including 4 hours of photography, on-line image hosting, and a DVD of all images, edited) - $1600
Videographer - $0. I didn't even consider hiring a videographer because what are the chances I'll watch the video over and over again? In the end though, my cousin used his camcorder and taped throughout the day.
Officiant - $75.22
Hair/Makeup (including makeup trial, day-of hair, mani/pedi, and Clinique cosmetics) - ~$200.00
Bridal Attire plus alteration - $135.00 (got a kick-a$$ deal at J.Crew)
Groom Attire - $0 (Luke already owned his suit)
Wedding Accessories (including
Luke's tie, my shoes, and my earrings) - ~$60.00
Violinist - $150.00
Luncheon Music CDs - $50.00
Signature Plate - $68.00
Slave Labor - $0 (Thanks guys!)

Wedding Day Total: $5,640.95
Cost Per Person, including us: $108.48

(I didn't include rings and marriage certificate in the total because we would've to spend on them regardless, even if we didn't have a wedding. Also, if I look at it from a different perspective - the wedding accessories, luncheon music CDs, bowls and vases, and cosmetics were all reusable. And yes, they ARE currently being used. So in a way, the Wedding Day Total is a bit lower if I take that into consideration. However, for the sake of simplicity, I included everything.)

Not bad at all! Especially with Honeyfund, we made out like bandits! Just kidding! :) I am really glad we had a simple and intimate wedding. It was practically stress-free to plan and everyone had a good time. In reality, Luke and I could've splurged because we are both working professionals with savings in the bank. However, an extravagant affair wouldn't have suited our personalities. Instead, saying our vows in a garden under a gazebo and a buffet-style luncheon was just our cup of tea. We were lucky that we got to do it the way we wanted it, and relatively low-cost too.

Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, it was just ONE day. The celebration of our marriage doesn't last for just one day, it lasts for a lifetime. So, we better save our pennies for all those other days, too.

Hopefully the information here will prove to be valuable information to someone out there!

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Photography by Heather Hopkins, Dolphindance Photography


  1. Good gawd babes, you really kept track of EVERYTHING! Simply amazing... =]

  2. wow! these are very helpful information, thanks for sharing! you are the bestest! and also the most creative and well organized bride that I ever met. :)


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