We Voted

On this cold winter day, Luke and I, the responsible citizens that we are, casted our vote at the Primary. It was also our first time going to the poll together!

Proudly wearing our "I Voted" sticker, we took a picture with Pargo once we got home. Notice that we were sporting our patriotic colors.

Our motto - We did our duty, now we can b*tch.


  1. Hmmm...What can I say. It was cold and nasty but we did what we had to do. If I were to throw down all my thoughts on the current fiasco in this country, I'd have to start my own blog (again). I hate McCain and Clinton, but since the former already seems to have the red vote (sorry Mr. Paul), I had to help stop Bill's bitch from getting anymore delegates. Regardless, the turd I flushed away this morning was better than what's currently in the white house.

  2. I like your red sweater

  3. Well shit, if I had known Clinton was gonna be blown out of the water, I woulda put my vote down for Ron Paul. Anyone got a time machine?


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