Time To Eat? Excellent!

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We reserved two small banquet rooms upstairs at Maggiano's for our reception. The Calabrese and Gabbiano were adjacent to each other and when the divider was taken away, the two rooms became a bigger room that can accommodate up to 60 people. When we first went over our guest list, we had imagined roughly 40 people, including us. We wanted to keep the wedding intimate (cheaper too!), but at the end, we had 52 people, including the bride and groom. Along with the buffet stations, the room seemed a bit crowded, but we squeezed everyone in!

Call me a detail-obsessed bride, but I noticed 2 things when I first walked into the reception room. 1) The floating candles weren't lit and 2) the reception music wasn't playing. I guess this was why people have wedding coordinators to make sure little things like these didn't happen. Anyway, no harm done, I talked to my brother about the candles and soon they were lit. Luke and I took care of the music.

I have a proof of mistake #1 - floating candles unlit. On another note, the centerpieces were incredibly easy to put together. I bought the bowls from Crate and Barrel, fruit shaped floating candles from Illuminations, and gerbera daisies from FiftyFlowers. Of course, since I didn't have a coordinator, I had to ask family for help to put it all together earlier that morning. And they did a great job! I remember at one point during the reception, I took a good look around the room and felt such relieve and happiness that everything came together just like I had imagined. All the work that went into planning the wedding didn't go to waste.

Much better! I blogged about table cards before. I changed the design and here was the final result. Even though Pargo couldn't be with us, I was glad his picture was at every table and we included him in the wedding. Of all my DIY projects, I was most happy with the table cards. They were double-sided so guests could see them from every angle.

On the table before the guests entered the reception room were small tea light candles, place cards, signature plate, pictures of our parents' at their wedding and a photo of us, and 2 vases of gerbera daisies. Here is a nice shot of Luke's dad signing the plate and me and Luke talking to our guests in the background.

Luke and I don't dance so we didn't bother trying at our wedding. Since it was a luncheon, we didn't think dancing would be fitting either. So we ended up with a non-dancing reception, but with plenty of good Italian food and good conversations. We received so many compliments on the food! Luke and I barely had anything to eat because we were too busy going around the tables saying hi to the guests. One server brought us a platter of calamaris and we hardly touched it. Such a shame, we love calamaris too.

This photo shows the overall atmosphere of the reception. I loved the oversize mirrors all around the room.

We really appreciated our guests for coming to celebrate with us. We had guests traveling overseas to be with us and guests who drove 5 minutes. Either way, we appreciated them just the same! I am glad that Heather captured at least half of our guests close-up. We do have pictures of everyone from the group shots at the garden and table shots at Maggiano's. However, the faces make a good collage. Can't thank everyone enough for coming!

The lunch part of the reception went by quickly and soon it was time to cut the cake...

Photography by Heather Hopkins, Dolphindance Photography


  1. Thanks, at least now I know my centerpieces will be in good hands. :) can't wait to see more of your wedding pictures.

  2. When I think back to that day, Joyce really did an amazing job turning those dark Italiany rooms into something of her own. All the colors and candles and cards let everyone know that this special day had been thought out to smallest details. Thanks Tong!


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