Sweet Ending

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I said it before and I will say it again. I didn't like our wedding cake. Not to mention it was overpriced, the store did not deliver what they promised. Brides, don't make the same mistake I did, stay away from Cakes by Happy Eatery!!

We visited Cakes by Happy Eatery for a cake tasting on the last day of July. It was our first cake tasting ever and were already tired of it. We just wanted to cross that item off of our To Do List. The lady we talked to, Victoria, was nice enough and very knowledgeable and familiar with Maggiano's, which we took it as a major plus. We showed her pictures of what we wanted and she took them all in. I wanted a very simple 2-tier cake with thin green ribbons (which I would provide) at the bottom of each tier and green swiss dots randomly scattered around the cake. Simple, right?

Since it would be a smallish cake, Victoria said she would use drinking glasses to give the cake some height so that "the cake would be the first thing people notice when they walk into the room." Because I would be carrying calla lilies, she said she would throw in candy calla lilies as accents for free. Everything sounded good and she said she would do the delivery herself. After I heard that, we were pretty much sold because 1) she was familiar with our venue's low lighting and 2) just from our conversation, we could tell that she was really detail-oriented and would make everything perfect for us.

The base price for the cake was $150. The swiss dots design was an additional $95 (ouch!). Delivery and setup was an expensive $95. After tax, our cake came out to be $352. Shockingly expensive, but if it meant having a perfectly displayed cake at our wedding reception, it was worth it. We paid the cake in full on that day, gave her the green ribbons, and Victoria promised to call us 2 weeks before the wedding to check-in and finalize everything.

Two weeks before the wedding, we heard nothing from her. Getting annoyed, I waited until 1.5 weeks before the wedding before calling her myself. She simply said, "Oh, I was just about to call you!" Riiiiiiight. We then went over my cake design again and she said, "So when will you give me the ribbons?" An obvious misunderstanding since we gave it to her the day we paid off the cake. Thirty minutes later, she called again and said she found it. Well, good for you! Anyway, so that was that, we were all set.

Fast forward to 9/9, I walked into the reception room and saw the cake (which was not the first thing I notice when I walked into the room, by the way). NOT what I imagined. I saw no glasses to give the cake hight and the "swiss dots" on the cake were not what we agreed on! The cake table was nothing extraordinary. Seriously, I could've asked my brother to pick up the cake and throw it on the cake table and and it would've looked exactly like what Victoria did. And speaking of that, I had a conversation with her a week later regarding my disappointment with the cake and found out that she didn't deliver the cake herself after all. I imagined it was probably delivered and setup by a PT employee still in high school.

Anyhoo, now that I told you about my frustration, let me finish up our wedding day. This is the conclusion of our wedding, hence my last post regarding our wedding day. Soon after 2pm, it was time to cut cake! Before the cake cutting, Luke made a speech thanking the guests again for coming and sharing the day with us.

A nice shot of us cutting into the cake!

Feeding each other cake! We decided against smashing. To be honest, I don't remember what the cake tasted like at all. The only good thing about Cakes by Happy Eatery is that they will give us a complementary 6" anniversary cake. So this September, I will be calling them up for my free cake. After that, I have no intention of stepping into that store again.

Instead of cutting into individual slices, Maggiano's cut the cake into 6 big pieces and put them on each table for the guests to cut themselves. I thought that was a great idea since not everyone would eat cake anyway. Our other dessert selections included tiramisu and toasted pound cake with vanilla bean ice cream, both were quite popular. Our guests enjoyed the desserts with a selection of tea or coffee. It was a nice way to end the meal. Shortly after 2:30, people started to leave. At that time, Luke and I made sure we were by the door and said goodbye to everyone. By the time the last guest left, it was around 3:30, we were beat and still hungry!

So, after not-too-much blood, sweat, and tears, our wedding day was exactly how I planned it. As mentioned, except for a few minor glitches, the day went perfectly. We had one goal in mind for that day - get married. And at the end of the day,we did just that! I can't describe the happiness I felt when we finally sat down on our couch at home later that day. We are now officially husband and wife, ready to take on the world together! First stop, Disney World!

I hope you enjoyed our wedding!


  1. Cmon bongs, the cake wasn't that bad. Sure, they didn't meet our expectations (or even their own promises), but in the end, we did get a decent looking/tasting cake. We wanted to keep things simple, so that's what we really got. If the cake really did matter a whole lot, we would've put a lot more $$ into it and chosen a more proven bakery.

    So for a small simple cake, this wasn't bad at all. Nope!

  2. haha your account of the cake story is funny, it can totally be a seinfeld episode!

  3. yep happy eatery didn't live up to expectation


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