The Sugar Box

Happy belated Valentine's Day all! Whether or not you celebrated V-day, I hope you all had a great Thursday! Luke and I skipped the flowers and dinner out this year. The times are getting tough and we need to save our pennies. :) In reality, we were just too lazy to go out on a weekday. We have much more fun when we are at home, in our jammies, all cuddled up with Pargo anyway.

BUT, he surprised me with a present!!!

I walked into the closet after work and there it old yucky jewelry box was replaced by this lovely new one! A new jewelry box! Yay! JUST what I needed for my growing jewelry collection.

I later found out that after I left for work that morning, Luke took out the present that he had been hiding in the 2nd bedroom and placed it where my old jewelry box was. He even started placing some of my necklaces and earrings in the new box. What a nice way to surprise me with a gift. :)

I tried taking a picture of mine, but couldn't get it right. So instead of showing an ugly picture of it, I found a nicer picture online. To make it mine, Luke had the top silver plate engraved with "The Sugar Box". I love it! Thanks babes! Can't wait to start filling it up with stuff! You will help me, right??

Image from Things Remembered.

And this cute card was sitting on top of the jewelry box. Luke was so creative with the card too. There are always some type of drawings in his cards to me and I always look forward to them. Our first V-day as a married couple and many more to come! Ai ni oh!


  1. that I think about it, I probably should've gotten a much smaller box. How are you gonna fill that thing? Maybe you can use it to hold spare change or marbles. =] Happy v-day dear.


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