Spring Planting

Luke and I took a trip to Walmart this past weekend for our spring planting needs. We got 2 smallish pots (yellow and green), a dish (red), potting soil, and 2 packets of herb seeds. I have been wanting to grow my own herbs for a while now. Wouldn't it be so neat to be able say, "I am going to pick some fresh herbs from my garden and use them for making dinner"?

I am starting to cook with different herbs. It adds the flavor without adding the fat! They are not expensive at the grocery stores, but they always come in a bigger bunch than I need. And a lot of times, half of it goes bad before I am able to finish them. I am looking forward in harvesting just what I need from my own garden, whenever I want.

I picked basil and cilantro because I use them the most. Luke doesn't like it that I use the word if, so WHEN I am successful, I may expand and plant more herbs. Or I may ask Luke to plant more herbs, I should say. Luke did all the work this time. All I did was plant the seeds after he did all the prep work. He's got the green thumb. Thanks ahbow! :) For tips on growing basil, click here and here. For cilantro, click here.

We put them on the kitchen window sill. I hope to see them germinate soon!


  1. I checked this morning and still nothing. Maybe there'll be some green by the time I get back!


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