Pargo's Glamour Shots

While holding Emilie's camera hostage, I also took some outdoor shots of Pargo. I am amazed with the image sharpness and crisp colors. I edit my photos using Photoshop's "Auto Levels" functionality. Usually with my point and shoot camera, I can notice incredible difference between the before and after. However, when I did the same to the photos taken using Emilie's camera, I hardly noticed any changes. I suppose the photos (colors, contrast, brightness, etc) were already that good? A digital SLR camera takes great quality pictures, even for an amateur photographer like yours truly.

Here are my pick of favorites from the brief photo shoot.

The flying....Pargo!

This one here is my favorite of all. I am blowing this one up and framing it on the wall. But...what does it mean that my favorite shot of Pargo is of his behind?

Which one is your fav?


  1. I like them all! and my favorite is the first one..the contrast of the colors is eye-catching and makes the picture standout.

  2. Gogo's bum! Nothing like it in the whole wide world. Not sure where he got it from tho. He has my eye's and Joyce's smile, that's for sure. ^-^ Can't wait to have his ass hanging on our wall!

  3. ummm...could you correct the spelling of my name? :p

  4. I can't believe both me and Luke missed that! Sorry! It's fixed now Emile. :)

  5. who cares, emily emile emilie...all the same. i can't believe i typed "eye's" up above, it should be "eyes". yup!

  6. Omgshh .
    Your dog is such a cutie!
    I used to have one just like that. Ibought it clothes and shoes and shampoos and beds and toys but then he died. :(


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