Pargo Photo Shoot, Part II

Part I

Poor Pargo has been cooped up inside the house all winter. Although for a little dog, he gets his exercise by running around the house. It's not that we don't want to take him out, but he is very susceptible to cold. So, it's for his own good, really. However, we see him looking longingly outside through the windows, wishing his little paws could feel the grass again.... So this past weekend even though it was still very chilly, but at least the sun was out, I put his sweater on and took him out for a brief walk. Brought along my camera, too.

We didn't get far, because I got cold myself. I used the timer on the camera and here is a photo of us!

PS. This blue sweater from Daddy Pargo is the only piece of clothing that Pargo owns.


  1. heheheh! So this is what my little clan is up to when I'm off to class. We do get him out now and then, but he gets chilly so fast. Every time we let him out to weewee, he starts to shiver all over after a minute or two. And obviously, he can't do his business with a sweater wrapped around him. But he has his own natural year-round coat. I do look forward to his little beard growing back out. It's only this short because we gave him a monster cut before we left him during our Hawaii trip. I just didn't think it would take this long for him to start looking normal again. Regardless, he's still the coolest lookin lil buppy I've ever seen. Definitely proud to call him son!

  2. yeah he looked like a chihuahua when u guys shaved him down before ur trip haha

    i like the extra sugar function....


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