Meet tC

Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of our family. He's a tiny blue African cichlid and Luke has lovingly named him tC, after his car. We adopted him from PETCO just this morning! There were actually 3 other cichlids in the tank with tC at PETCO, and we wanted to save them all. But our better judgment decided against it because cichlids are aggressive fishies and it would mean a lot of trouble once they get bigger, especially since we already have 2 grown cichlids, Easter and Bunny, at home.

I am excited because it has been a while since we have gotten a new fish. tC is so tiny right now that it is going to a lot of fun watching him grow. I will keep make sure to post pictures on {sugarlens} every now and then.

Here he is, still in the PETCO bag, waiting to come out to meet his siblings.

Out for the first time....

We got Easter early last April, around Easter, hence the name. I don't think he was as tiny as tC when we first got him, but he has definitely grown a lot bigger. I hope tC doesn't get picked on or eaten.

A video of our fishies. We don't have names for each of the 4 tiger barbs, but together they are called The Gang because they are always seen together. Also in the tank are a blue gouramis (Scion), 2 rainbows, a zebra danio, and a white cloud.

Welcome to the family tC! It's great to have you!! :) We hope you like your new home.


  1. Yup, we got a new baby. He's very cool, even tho he's less than a quarter of the size of Easter, he still invades his territory and tries to setup his own little home. The tank is huge and there's other rocks and plants from which tC can make a home, but nope, he wants Easter's house under the log. It'll be fun watching him grow up and get all big. Fishies rocks!


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