Master Of My Own Domain

Have you noticed?? {sugarlens} blog now has a new home on the world wide web!!

Luke stayed up late one night last week and set it all up for me. I may be the writer of {sugarlens}, but Luke is the one who keeps it running in the background. He improves it constantly and really, {sugarlens} is a reflection of the both of us. Without him, I wouldn't be blogging to begin with. Just want to take this moment and say thanks to my fabulous ahbow!

So, we purchased the domain from 1&1. For a little bit more than $6, I now have a URL that's entirely mine. Most likely I will renew it annually, but I will have to see if I am still crazy about blogging a year from now. I honestly hope so!

I am so elated that {sugarlens} is getting better and better. What should I do next to improve it? Got any suggestions for me?


  1. For starters, you can let me start posting about what's wrong with the world. Why humans in general suck ass, governments are evil, and why religion is a joke. But noooo, you have to keep this bloggy of yours all fuzzy and cheerful, full of puppies, rainbows, and cotton candy. blah! =]

  2. wow your very own domain! that's cool :)


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