Sunday, February 3, 2008

新年快乐 - Happy Lunar New Year

I don't want a digital SLR, I need it! For Chinese New Year (it doesn't officially start until Feb 7), we went to Luke's parents' house for dinner and I borrowed his sister's camera. It was my first time playing with a heavy duty camera and I took a few shots around the house. I am IN love. WOW. I can see the scales on that goldfish!

Luke's mom made a delectable dinner. The sea bass was delish. We were all stuffed. =] We also doggy-bagged stuff home so no cooking this coming week for me!

Happy Lunar New Year 2008!

万事如意! 心想事成!


  1. Another year, another start to the spring festival. This also means another week to overeat and gain several more pounds. Of course, Joyce won't gain an ounce cuz she's too busy running around with a giant camera slung around her neck. She got tons of good shots of random things, I'm sure she'll share the GoGo ones!

  2. Yumo..I want some too!

  3. What a feast!!!!!!! I'm away from home for so looooong!!!!!