Going Public

I still stalk the website of my awesome wedding photographer, Heather Hopkins, once in a while. She does fabulous work and I just love the bright colors and the fresh design of her website. On this lazy Sunday morning, I was once again perusing her website. I noticed the change of music and the pages had been updated! So there I was...click...click...click... Wait a minute... I clicked back, gleed in delight, and yelled for Luke!

Our wedding was anything but grand and fancy, so imagine my surprise when I saw this picture on her website! Truthfully, this was one of the pictures I glanced over, but in her artistic eyes, there was something there. And now I heart it too. Yes, I am easily influenced. :)

Thanks Heather for the spotlight!


  1. Happy couple in a sunny day at the park..I heart it too!!

  2. Nice, getting published on a fancy site like that. Funny how Joyce stands out but I sorta just disappear into the background. It's like I'm not even there. =[ All I am able to see is a cute little girl in a white dress. =]


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