Meet Me In St. Louis

So long Ahbow!

This Memorial Day long weekend, I am leaving for a mini-getaway. Destination: St. Louis! I have sneakily invited myself over and my friend, Seana, has graciously accepted. Seana and I have been friends for a couple of years now, ever since meeting each other on the first day of orientation at grad school (back in 2003!). I have copied her homework, took one of her dining chairs and claimed permanently mine, and discovered the fabulous dirty rice from her. I am looking forward in visiting her and her new furry baby. Check out Lily, isn’t she precious? She co-owns the title of Cutest Furry Animal in the World with my Pargo.

So what to see and do in St. Louis? Well, besides visiting Seana, I definitely like to hit up the Gateway Arch, Forest Park, and Missouri Botanical Garden. More research later.

Maybe you are wondering how come I didn’t say “so long” to Pargo? Well, that’s because I am considering taking him with me! That is, if I am willing to cough up the $180 RT airfare for him. We shall see. Is Pargo ready for his first domestic flight?!

Also, how perfect was this? The same day that I booked my flight, I received this brochure in the mail. I requested the guide a while back from here and had forgotten about it. Now I can't wait to start reading up on my trip! Thanks Seana for having me!! I am psyched!


  1. Fine! Take off without me, I didn't want to go anyways. Who cares about St. Looois and a lil doggy with a big head with big bulging eyes!? Like that's supposed to be cute or something. Hmph!


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